pressure cooker explode
pressure cooker explode

Can a pressure cooker explode

Well, “can a pressure cooker explode?” is a major question that comes in every user’s mind. But before we get into it lets understand first that how the pressure cooker works? The pressure cooker is an invention of the modern era that works on the principle of expelling air from the vessel and trapping the stream, produced from boiling liquid inside. This process arises the internal pressure and permits high cooking temperature. It is like another regular pot but has a distinct in its function.

The pressure cooker function in raising the temperature of boiling water and discharge air from the vessel that collaborates in steaming to cook food. Food is prepared faster in a pressure cooker than the conventional method.

Pressure cooking is a wonderful method to prepare delicious, healthy and tasty foods. The more it seems useful the more it is dangerous in its function.

What is pressure cooker explosion?

Have you ever seen a worst explosion in your life that you have experienced it very nearly?

If not then let me tell you about the circumstances of explosions of the pressure cooker and how it can be a danger to damage to something. Every one of us knows for what purpose the pressure cooker is used. But many of us surely do not know how to use it. That’s why the negligence and ignorance about its function lead-heavy destruction.

Do you want more details about Pressure cooker function?

One of the most troubling moments that can occur in your kitchen is the unexpected explosion of your pressure cooker explode. It may cause heavy loss and can be messy as well as would definitely destroy your pressure cooker.

Sometimes you may confuse about the explosion in both type of cookers e.g. stovetop and electric pressure cooker and you would be thinking whether one is safer than the other?

What Causes Pressure Cooker Explosion?

While boiling and cooking something in a pressure cooker if you are not aware of caring different parts of the pressure cooker as vent, lid, seal, gasket or lock, then a disastrous explosion could happen. Yes! a pressure cooker can explode and harm you and will break many of your other kitchen utensils as well. You should be well known about the causes of the explosion that basically come down to two things: one is about faulty in equipment and second is when you don’t follow the instructions on the recipe.

What people basically do that they don’t even bother to check the rubber gasket to ensure it’s not dry or crack in it and to check the vents are not blocked.

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 Moreover, you might have observed in your surrounding that people do some common mistakes as ignoring instructions on recipe, adding too much water, not aware of temperature to cook food and overstuffing the cooker. These factors assuredly set off circumstances of pressure cooker explosions and are head of serious damage.

The few mistakes mentioned above are those common people do. Let me explain one by one for better understanding to avoid this happening to your pressure cooker explode.

  1. Neglecting the given Instructions
  2. Excessive water quantity
  3. Overstuffing
  4. Inappropriate temperature

 1.Neglecting the given Instructions

        As I have mentioned earlier about this but it’s important enough to rewind it. A no-compromise slogan is, to follow the recipe instructions strictly. Each ingredient of the recipe is to be properly measured and made to work together to prepare a great meal, but if you ignore it, you are definitely going to spoil your delicious food and there is a great chance of spreading that meal over the walls and ceiling.

2.Excessive water quantity

       Well, its again comes with the steps following the recipe. An appropriate amount of water is the most important factor in a recipe. Excessive water will obviously create a problem as pressure cookers are designed to let water escape at specific times. The right amount of water will be too much in a tightly sealed pressure cooker when cooking on regular stovetop pot.


       Adding too much food in a cooker than its design to handle is similarly problematic as adding an inappropriate amount of water as mentioned above is one of the common mistake beginners do. It is obvious that overstuffing your cooker leads to build up pressure and cause an explosion. If it doesn’t explode, your food won’t cook properly.

4.Inappropriate temperature

       The temperature phenomena are different for using a stovetop and for an electric one, but in the end, you will get the same results. If you cook food at too high temperature, the cooker will create too much pressure and can cause an explosion.

How the explosion can be destructive to someone or something? There is no doubt that pressure cooker explosion can result in heavy and serious devastation and injuries, particularly to those who are near to this explosion. It can be reasons for burning someone body, amputation, blindness, disfigurement, and severe damages to other home appliances.


In order to avoid heavy damages of its pressure cooker explode, you need to take some precautionary steps so that it will be safe to use:

I will recommend you to use an electric pressure cooker than a stovetop pressure cooker. Particularly for those who are beginners. Although both can be a cause of the explosion in compare to a stovetop, electric pressure cooker gives less damage.

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