There are different questions which come in your mind before using a pressure cooker.

Well, I am going to answer all of your questions in this article by my deep research and exploration of different facts and figures.

What is a pressure cooker?

pressure cooker
pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is not a new invention in the field of Kitchen sciences to cook the food in a unique way.

It was first invented in 1679, the aim to invent is to cook the food quickly under the high temperature as 266oF (130oC).  They have returned to prevalence in the course of recent years.

I considered what a portion of the particular favourable circumstances and inconveniences of weight cooking was.

Let me share some facts with you related to pressure cooking that I have explored after long research. First of all, it is much needed to know what pressure cooker is.

The cooker is an airtight container used for cooking the food in a short span of time. It looks like a crackpot and if you want information about Kitchen Safety then this is best post.

They are easily available in stores, marts, crockery shops, now it is easier to purchase from online stores under the range of 40$ to 340$.  

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It is classified into three generations that are as following:

First Generation:

 The first-generation pressure cooker operates with the modified weight valve. These cookers normally sound like a whistle.

Second Generation:

 These are the latest generation cookers work with the spring valve. It does not make that much noise.

Third Generation Cooker: 

An electric cooker is considered to be the latest generation electric cooker. It consists of the electric source that regulates the temperature and pressure feeding of the power line.

The detailed advantages and disadvantages are discussed at the end of this article. However, to make your understanding clearer the few brief pros and cons are listed below:

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Pros of Pressure Cooker:

  • It reduces the two-third (2/3) up to 70% time of cooking.
  • It offers more nutritional boost.
  • Significant energy is saved with a cooker.
  • Less cleaning is required after preparing a meal.
  • It kills the maximum bacteria of food during the cooking process.

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Cons of Cooker:

  • It only cooks a single item at a time.
  • Monitoring of doneness in between the cooking is not possible with the cooker.
  • It takes a higher cooking time for the higher altitude places.
  • The overcooking is much easier under such pressure.

Instant Pot vs Stovetop Pressure Cooker

As a rule, Stovetop models are better at caramelizing or browning and generally much faster in cooking than the electric pressure cookers.

They will, in general, make much noise when they vent steam through the pressure discharge valve while cooking.

Stovetop cookers are likewise somewhat more constrained in what they can get ready (more earnestly to steam rice, for example).

Electric pressure cookers are easy to operate and they don’t need close monitoring during cooking. Another advantage of electric strain cooker is that these are almost silent for the maximum of the cooking process.

 They only make noise when the cooking is done and the pressures get released. After releasing the pressure, the food can spray onto the inner side of the lid. Since
that element isn’t easy to detach and is not able to be washed in a sink, it makes a cleaning little bit difficult.

Therefore, the pros and cons exist in both types. However, if you want to cook rice the electric cooker is required.


Do have any idea about the noise of your cooker?

I will explain later that what noises are normal and what noises are not appropriated for instant pot or cooker.  Usually, the pressure cooker makes noises and produces steam, it’s normal.

But you really need to know about the difference between an instant pot and pressure. Then below description will really enhance your knowledge.

How a pressure cooker differs from an instant pot?

The instant pot is specifically one of the cookers. Its brand name is “Instant pot”. Both thecooker and Instant pot offer the same features that are as follows.

  1. Browning food
  2. Steaming
  3. Pressure cooking
  4. Sautéing food

Additionally, it is very easy to use and easy to understand its operations. It has more options than a normal stovetop cooker.

Why an Instant Pot is preferred over electric pressure cooker?

There are some of the advantages that make the customer buy the Instant pot over pressure cooker. Some of the features are as following:

  • Make Material: Instant pot is made with stainless steel (as prevent to non-stick).
  • Automatic Cooking timer: Delay timer can be set easily so that food starts to cook and end to cook automatically as per the time limits set by you.
  • Safe to use: It is safe to use and none of the scary steamy rattling or explosions happened even after a year of heavy usage.
  • Save time and energy: It also saves so much time and energy, where the normal cooker takes 3 to 4 hours to make the “Goat Stew”. Here instant pot can make it just in 30 to 40 minutes easily.
  • Too much easier to use: As the instant pot can do work of 7 machines alone that is why it is called “Seven in one appliance”. Now you may think, seven in one machine will be harder to use. Actually, No! This is the beauty of this appliance that makes the instant pot much unique than the normal pressure cooker. It only consists of four buttons to do all works. These buttons are “Manual”, “Sauté”, “+”, and “- “. 
  • Affordable: The price of the instant pot is so much economic and affordable to buy, check the current prices of the instant pot with “5-star rating reviews” on Amazon.

Instant pot Duo 7 in 1 and Instant Pot Lux 6 in 1.

Can we use a pressure cooker for canning?

Yes! you can store food in a can a Pressure canner is a device that is similar to the stovetop.

The difference between a pressure canner and a pressure cooker is that pressure canner is larger in size as compared to the cooker.

You can easily place a glass jar inside the pressure canner and seal it. The controls are so precise to set the pressure.

Electric weight cookers and explicitly the Instant Pot isn’t intended for canning food and ought not to be utilized that way.

A non-pressurized cooking vessel has the boiling point of 100c (212 F) at standard pressure.

At 15 pounds of pressure, it takes 250 oF or 120oC to boil water. In order to can food, high temperature and pressure kill bacteria faster.

If the precise pressure mode is not available in your cooker, then it is not a suitable cooker to can food.


So, in the event that you have a stovetop cooker and it’s enormous enough to hold your containers, check your item manual for suggestions on canning. 

 The outdated technique for canning, which I explained, just requires an enormous pot (like a pasta cooker) of bubbling water and time; no extravagant devices required.

Foods that are best to cook in a cooker

Mostly all kinds of meat cook well in the pressure cooker. You can cook all kinds of steamed food in the cooker. Below is the list of items:

You can also make desserts such as cheesecake in a cooker, sometimes gives better results than cooked in an oven.

Worst foods for the pressure cooker:

One of the big brands of cookers is “Mealthy”. 

In their item manuals, they warn against utilizing a weight cooker for, or in any event oftentimes observing nourishments that can get extra foamy or frothy.

These sorts of nourishments can more effectively stop up the steam pressure valve and make a conceivably hazardous measure of weight inside the cooker.

Be that as it may, other food things won’t function admirably in a weight cooker on account of the surface they will have at the point when done.

Try not to cook these meals in Cooker!

Following are some of the meals that you need to be cautious and mostly try to avoid these meals in a these cooker.

  • Oatmeal (or other cooked cereals)
  • Anything you want to be crispy or would normally fry
  • Most kinds of pasta
  • Applesauce

Is making food in pressure cooker is Unhealthy or destroy nutrition?

There are so many methods to cook food. It also depends upon the behaviour of food. Some of the food loses its nutrients after cooking.

But pressure cooking the foods makes the food save from the nutrient’s loss. The science behind the cooking said, “The more you cook the food the more nutrition will be lost”.

In case of pressure cooking, it prepares the food just in few minutes and cooker uses a little amount of water as compared to other that is why pressure cooking is far better than the other method of the cooking meal.

The research was done by the “National Institute of Health” says, “The way pressure cooker uses the methodology of cooking is far better than the other methods of cooking.

Through this, it saves the maximum amount of nutrient in the cooked meal.”

can a pressure cooker explode?

In the past time, the problematic thing with the pressure cooker was that they obtained a lot of pressure and became so dangerous.

We can easily hear a hissing sound. In the case of the pressure-cooking time set too long or the valve was not set well. It reacted as the timer bomb.

When the grandparent made tasty goat stew sometimes it finished by sticking on the kitchen ceiling.

Now the latest pressure cooker is far better than its old generation. It is more protective and super safe too.

These new generations cookers are made with proper valve systems to monitor the problem and so much easy to handle.

I must say, on lifting the lid of crackpots, you cannot check whether the food is prepared or not. The big downside is you cannot check the status and seasoning of the food while cooking.

You should wait till the end and free the pressure from the lid, because of that so much pressure inside it.

Does pressure cooking kill botulism?

Different foods contain different bacteria. Botulism is a lethal bacterial infection in some of the cases. But it is rare.

We can be kill Botulinum spores by warming to outrageous temperature (120oC or 248oF) under tension utilizing an autoclave or a weight cooker for in any event 30 minutes.

You can kill the poison itself by bubbling for 10 minutes.

Introductory side effects incorporate shortcoming, obscured vision, feeling tired, and inconvenience talking followed by conceivable heaving and loose bowels.

The microscopic organisms develop in both soil and water. Ill-advised food preparing and taking care of is the place most instances of botulism happen.

Can you leave a pressure cooker unattended?

 The manufacturer forbade to leave the house during the pressure cooking, unlike a crock-pot.  It does not need to check the cooking every time, just check once or twice and make sure the steam is not leaking inside out.

In the event that you do completely need to go out leaving the cooker unattended, ensure it has arrived at its full pressure and once more, guarantee that definitely, no steam is being discharged anyplace.

Be that as it may, there’s much more to think about weight cookers and security than simply don’t go out for a really long time.

So look at an ongoing article I composed which subtleties all the top wellbeing concerns individuals have.

At that point, I likewise separate all the security highlights current weight cookers have.

Is a pressure cooker being suitable to use in high altitude locations?

The pressure cooking is possible at high altitude places but it takes a lot of cooking time. Even the boiling temperature of the water is different at high altitudes.

As far as height, there’s a major distinction among Denver and someplace on the shoreline of Texas.

212° is viewed as the bubbling temperature at a drift level. When you get to 2000 feet above ocean level, bubbling temp drops to 208°.

With each 500-foot increment in a rise, the breaking point of water gets brought down by about 1°.

Over 2,500 feet, the climate gets significantly drier. The air is less oxygenated and the weight in the climate diminishes. Hence, cooking takes longer.

As far as weight, adrift level, pneumatic stress is at 14.7 pounds of weight per square inch. At 5,000 feet above ocean level, in any case, that drops to 12.3 pounds of weight per square inch.

At that point when you get to 10,000 feet above ocean level, you just get around 10 pounds of weight for each square inch.

Since pressure cookers work off of both bubbling water and pressure, cooking times can change extensively dependent on the elevation of your city.

Numerous cookbooks won’t represent this, so you’ll be doing a great deal of altering and experimentation on the off chance that you live in high rises.

9 Best Pros & Cons of Pressure cooking:

Till now, I hope you have clearly understood how much pressure-cooking methodology is effective than another way of cooking in every aspect.

Let’s also discuss some advantages and disadvantages of pressure cooking in compendious detail.

  1. Takes 1/3 time to cook as compare to other:

It normally takes 242oF to cook in the pressure cooker. Due to the airtight pressure cooking, it produces more heat and utilizes all steam to cook food rather than exhaling outside.

Since the weight cooking adds dampness to whatever you are cooking, things like meals, which would normally be quite extreme whenever cooked for a brief timeframe, become delicious and delicate in a lot shorter time.

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  • You hold a bigger number of supplements than by bubbling, microwaving, browning, sautéing, or cooking:

The science behind the cooking said, “The more you cook the food the more nutrition will be lost”.

In case of pressure cooking, it prepares the food just in a few minutes and pressures the cooker to use a little amount of water as compared to others that is why pressure cooking is far better than the other method of cooking meals.

  • It saves energy:

By just utilizing 1 pot rather than various burners or your broiler or microwave, you’ll be sparing vitality.

Likewise, the fundamentally decreased cooking time spares vitality as well.

  • Less chaos!

Less mess! By utilizing 1 pot rather than numerous pots, tidy up is a breeze with a weight cooker.

Furthermore, most brands of weight cookers permit a large portion of the parts to just be placed in the dishwasher.

  • Your workplace remains cool:

With a pot securing in the warmth and steam, your kitchen will remain absolutely cool while supper is preparing.

This is a major in addition to in southern states where temperatures can take off throughout the mid-year months.

Pressure Cooker Disadvantages:

  1. It cannot cook various food at once:

The pressure cooker only cooks a single item at a time. An entire chicken cooks slower than a potato. Ground beef cooks the same as a carrot.

The defect of the pressure is that it needs to think twice what changes are you going to do in the recipe.

In that case, you have to use more than one appliance that decreases the advantages of a pressure cooker.

  • Impossible to check the status of cooking in during process:

You cannot check or monitor the doneness of food while cooking. Whenever I cook, it’s my habit to check the food before all done?

It makes me realize that it needs more than half an hour to cook the meat when I serve it on the dinner table that I realized that I could not check it during the cooking process.

According to me it is one of the big defects of pressure cooking.

  • You can’t include or change flavoring of the food all through the cooking procedure:

The taste conscious people always take care of the quantity of salt, pepper, herbs, and spices to ensure whether the final product is perfectly delicious or not.

A defect of pressure cooking is you cannot adjust these ingredients in the mid of the cooking process. So when it ready. It is ready. Whatever, it tastes likes.

A good chef always takes care of the ingredients in the beginning before cooking. Because he would not be able to add in between.

  • It takes long cooking time on high altitude:

Over 2,500 feet, the air gets significantly drier and the temperature at which boiling of water gets lower.

The air is less oxygenated and the weight in the air gets diminished. In this manner, cooking takes longer.

Since pressure cookers work off of both bubbling water and weight, cooking times can fluctuate significantly depending on the elevation of your city. Numerous cookbooks won’t represent this, so

You’ll be doing a great deal of altering and experimentation in the event that you live in high heights.


The modern way of cooking includes the modern appliances that prepare delicious foods in a short span of time with easy to handle methodologies.

As cooker is our daily life need and it is easily available at every online store like Amazon, eBay, Ali baba Express etc.

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