Why pressure cooker is provided with Bakelite handle


Do you have any idea, Why pressure cooker is provided with Bakelite handle? Let me give a brief overview of this curious question.

This is a special type of plastic as it has synthetic components. It is known for its electrical non-conductivity and heat resistant property.

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Plastic does not have free electrons so it cannot conduct heat and electricity hence provides good insulation.

It provides both electrical and thermal insulation. If we use a metal handle instead of plastic it would become hot red and thus cooking would be difficult as one has to use special gloves to carry out cooking.

So it makes usage of pressure cooker comfortable and reliable.

Another question usually pops up in the mind that if you use a pressure cooker having a plastic handle then why the plastic handle does not melt at high temperature?

The nature of plastic-type reveals the answer to this question.

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Thermosetting|pressure cooker provided with Bakelite handle?

Bakelite has the property of thermosetting.

A thermosetting is a polymer that irreversibly becomes rigid on heating. Thus this unusual behaviour of Bakelite makes pressure cooker handle more and more rigid with the rise in temperature.

Thus the user can move pressure cooker once it has finished cooking without burning the fingers.

Moreover, Bakelite does not weigh much which helps to keep the total weight of the unit down. In addition, Plastic is cheaper. Usually, the plastic coat uses a metal bolt inside to reinforce the main handle. But manufacturers mostly use plastic in the handle of regular pans and pots.

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Hence it can be concluded that Bakelite is indeed the best material to make the handle of pressure cooker because it provides comfort as well as reduces the production cost.

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